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Our product range:

Only a company that offers a complete product range can really cover all of your requirements. Wintech has put this fact into practice for every required power, every voltage, every cooling method and every operating mode.


A torodial core made of excellent grade, highly permeable low loss CRGO silicon steel sheet is one of the main components of Variac. A single layer winding of annealed electrolytic copper having high conductivity is provided on bakelite moulded disc with slots of proper size over the torodial core. The wound coil is impregnated with varnish having high insulating properties and oven baked. The periphery of the coil is ground uniformly and a coating of silver is provided to increase conductivity and prevent oxidation of copper. A superior quality carbon brush fixed on the moving arm attached to the center shaft, slides over the ground periphery of coil. The terminations are provided on bakelite moulded terminal board by means of duly plated brass screws and nuts of suitable size. The above components are finally assembled on an Aluminum base.


Panel Mounting Type:    These units are supplied in open execution as they are mounted inside the panels. Shaft projection shall be provided either on the moving arm side or base side as per the requirement.

Table or Floor Mounting Type: These units are supplied with a well ventilated and aesthetically designed cabinet or tank as the case may be.

Models: Manually operated variacs are supplied with a knob fixed on the center shaft to vary the output voltage. Motorized models are supplied with an AC, 1 Phase, 230V Synchronous motor coupled to the center shaft with necessary gears to vary the output voltage. Motorized variacs shall be made for different sweep times of approximately 5 sec, 8sec, 15 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec etc. Generally motorized variacs are made with a sweep time of approx. 30 sec.

Variacs are manufactured to suit 1 phase, 2 phase and 3 phase applications. Two phase and three phase models are made with two coils or three coils respectively, assembled one above another and operated in tandem by a single common center shaft.

Cooling: Variacs are manufactured in natural air-cooled and natural oil cooled versions depending upon the rating. Low capacity variacs shall be made both in natural air and natural oil cooling but high capacity variacs are compulsorily made with oil cooling arrangement. The transformer oil used for cooling shall be of any reputed make, manufactured as per I.S. 335.

Standard Specification:

SINGLE    PHASE Input   —  240V, Single phase, 50 Output  —  0.240V/0-270V, Single phase
TWO PHASE Input  —  415V, Two phase, 50 Output  —  0-415V/0-470V, Two Phase
THREE PHASE Input  —  415V, Three phase, 50 Output  —  0-415V/0-470V, Three Phase
CAPACITY 1 Amp to 600 Amps.
COOLING Air natural/ Oil natural


Variacs find applications in:

  1. Speed control of DC motors (DC Drives)
  2. Testing of electrical equipment
  3. Laboratories for experiments
  4. Varying the intensity of light
  5. Manufacture of servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers
  6. Manufacture of high voltage test sets
  7. Manufacture of variable voltage rectifiers